We would like to inform all our customers, business associates and potential clients that our office has managed to maintain almost full functionality during this trying period.

Whilst due to this surprising and almost unprecedented worldwide pandemic our offices have like so many had to adapt to do our part to stop the spread of this disease we were able to do so quickly and efficiently and introduced electronic measures that ensured that our customers were able to contact us in the usual manner without delays.

Despite continued restrictions we are happy to announce that our office has due to our additional implementation remained fully functional and is operating as normal.

We do hope that wherever you are you are safe and with us in hoping for an end to this situation and look forward to moving onward together.

  • Choosing a trading name which is usually, but not necessarily your own name.

  • You will also need to register for trading and you will receive a unique company or ID number that can also be used as a tax and social security number.

  • You will than need to register with an approved Belgium Social Security Fund, it is best to do this at the same time, if not then certainly within ninety days to avoid ending up automatically registered with the Belgium ‘NISSE’. Please see our section on Social Security for more information.

You will also certainly require health insurance, although if you have already applied for residency you may have already obtained this.

Whilst Belgium is an advantageous choice in many respects when choosing to freelance abroad, it is not when it comes to accounting and taxes ranking  59th for ease of paying taxes.  Therefore it is very important to keep detailed accounting records and have a local professional accountant to assist you.  This is where Chesterfield is in an ideal position to help.