The world has changed rapidly in the last few decades and thanks to the internet revolution chasing your dream of becoming an international contractor and working abroad in a wide variety of countries is now much more achievable.

The benefits of increased wages and being your own boss and determining your own working hours and own pace are just some of the advantageous factors that attract individuals to this kind of lifestyle, but some people miss the bustle and interaction of the office environment.

This is no longer a concern.  Most countries now have what is known as co-working spaces.  Here you can rent a desk and go to the office just like any other employee:-

Some of the advantages of such a structure are:-

  • Getting out of the house and having a working routine
  • Increased productivity due to a work environment and focusing on work mode
  • Daily interaction with similar professional individuals
  • Increase in networking connections
  • Access to facilities
  • Much more cost effective than setting up your own office

If you are interested in learning more about the increased benefits that accompany the life of an international contractor or freelancer then please do not hesitate to contact us.