Heat pumps Hitachi: equipment overview, energy efficiency.

Japanese industrial giant Hitachi, a manufacturer of more than 20,000 items of a wide variety of equipment from household appliances to powerful industrial systems, pays considerable attention to the production of modern climatic equipment for heating and air conditioning of premises, including highly efficient heat pumps.

Heat pumps Hitachi: overview.

Heat pumps Hitachi

a wide range of designs (70 models from 7 to 32 kW) with the ability to work on heat / cold and water heating satisfies the maximum consumer needs; for maximum energy efficiency (A, COP up to 5.25), modern industry innovations and our own know-how are used; the equipment meets the most stringent environmental standards for the materials and refrigerants used; modular design suitable for implementation in new or upgraded systems; installation in medium and high temperature heat supply systems is possible.

Yutaki’s Hitachi heat pump is one step ahead.

Model range of the improved Yutaki line: Yutaki M, Yutaki S, Yutaki S80, Yutaki S Combi,

Heat pumps Hitachi.

Yutaki M is a monoblock design for small houses, efficient for heating swimming pool water. Heating capacity: 11 to 17.8 kW. Functions: heating / air conditioning / water heating.

Yutaki S is a compact inverter split system of outdoor and indoor units. Option: hot water tank. Heating capacity: from 7 to 32 kW.

Cooling capacity: from 5 to 20 kW. Functions: heating / air conditioning / water heating.

Yutaki S Combi – inverter heat pump, split system. Hot water tank 200-260L built into the indoor unit. Option: air conditioning kit.

Heating capacity: from 7 to 17.8 kW. Cooling capacity: from 5 to 13.7 kW. Functions: heating / air conditioning / water heating.

Yutaki S80 is a high temperature heat pump with an outlet temperature up to 80 ° C, split system, with a unique SMART CASCADE system. Compatible with existing radiator systems. Heating capacity: from 15.2 to 17.8 kW.

Functions: heating / water heating.

The advanced control system of Hitachi Yutaki heat pumps allows you to select and program the most economical HP operation modes: adjust the parameters of individual heating circuits, turn on / off a backup boiler, circulation pump or boiler, control solar collectors or operate from a system of photovoltaic modules.

Economic benefit from the introduction of a heat pump.

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