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Going into contracting can be both appealing and rewarding. That being said, in order to succeed, it’s important you protect your income and ensure you stay compliant. We’re here to guide you through the smaller matters of your independent working, helping you maximise your take-home pay and achieve peace of mind.



If your current contracting firm isn’t delivering on its promises, or you feel you might have outgrown them, get in touch with us today!




We have a vast selection of agencies we currently work with. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with these agencies through offering knowledge and high level service enabling them to serve their clients at a top level.

Benefits of Chesterfield Contracting Services

Unbeatable Service

You’ll get your very own dedicated Account Manager to help you through the entire process.

Secure Payments

We make sure we get you paid accurately and on time.

ComplianceComplete peace of mind that your pay and tax affairs are being taken care of by a fully compliant organisation.

Great ValueWith our great range of services and transparent approach to pricing, you only pay for what you need.

High RetentionWe offer our contractors the best possible retention rates on the market.

Refer a friendRefer a friend to Chesterfield Contracting Services and receive a referral bonus. Contact us for more information.


At Chesterfield Contracting Services we provide compliant international payroll/self-employed schemes and banking for expatriate contractors worldwide.

Chesterfield Contracting Services has been in business for more than 25 years with experience in payroll/self-employed management and delivery of funds in a timely and efficient manner. Our business model includes lawyers and accountants while our staff are trained and experienced.

We pride ourselves upon providing high-quality, personalised and superior services to all of our clients. At Chesterfield Contracting Services we fully understand the requirement to remain tax compliant in every country and we provide our contractors with the best possible retention rates on the market. Our fees are extremely competitive while we offer many compliant solutions that cater all levels of income to satisfy needs of all government compliance measures and local legislation. We supply services to contractors, agencies and end clients across multiple sectors such as: IT Consultants, government agencies, oil and gas, banking, telecoms, aviation, shipping and more.

It’s very important to choose the right management company for your contracting needs and here at Chesterfield Contracting Services we are dedicated to providing all of our clients with a professional contract service.


We expect our contractors to focus on their core business whilst we do all the stressful, confusing and time-consuming work. We also offer a number of services to support what contractors really need.

Umbrella Services

Our umbrella option is the most convenient and easy approach to contracting. It allows contractors the freedom and flexibility of self-employment with the benefits of being employed; hassle free with no administrative obligations.

Contractor Insurance

All our umbrella companies are fully equipped with professional indemnity insurance, liability insurance and public liability insurance giving contractors added protection and peace of mind without the hassle of having to look elsewhere.

Own Limited Company

Setting up your own Private Limited Company may be the best option if you will be contracting for a few years and want maximum control of your finances and wealth planning options.

Contractor Tax Compliance

We ensure that tax, social security, VAT and immigration affairs are all handled compliantly in not only the countries contractors work in but also remotely.

International Payroll

We have dedicated professional teams who can provide a personal domestic and expatriate payroll service in almost every country.

Invoicing Services

We provide a smooth process from invoice to payment receipt. We also create invoices in the format required to suit the requirements of the contractor.

International Banking

Chesterfield Contracting Services is an acknowledged introducer of international contractors and expats to leading international banking providers.

Contractor Work Permits

We provide hassle free work permit and immigration services for contractors.


Contractor services available in many jurisdictions

Listed below are some of our most popular jurisdictions for our contractor services.  Kindly contact us for information on any jurisdiction not listed.







Middle East